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  • Title PURANA.ALL 
    Short Title PURANA.ALL 
    Repository BOOKS.MISC 
    Source ID S32 
    Linked to Krosta
    Sahastrajit I 

  •  Notes 
    • This source mentions all Puranas together.

      ID Title
      S8 Agni Purana
      S32 All Puranas
      S10 Bhagavat Purana
      S11 Bhavishya Purana
      S12 Brahma Purana
      S14 Brahma Vaivarta Purana
      S13 Brahmanda Purana
      S15 Garuda Purana
      S17 Kurma Purana
      S18 Linga Purana
      S19 Markandeya Purana
      S20 Matsya Purana
      S21 Narada Purana
      S22 Padma Purana
      S1 Purana Naam Chandrika
      S23 Shiva Purana
      S24 Skanda Purana
      S25 Vamana Purana
      S26 Varaha Purana
      S27 Vayu Purana
      S4 Vishnu Purana

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