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  • Aryaman
    God of Customs; Protector of Mares, Stallions and Milky Way, Wealth
    Member of Adityas
    Affiliation Adityas, Deva
    Planet Sun
    Texts Vedas, Upanishads
    Personal information
    Consort Mātṛkā (according to Bhagavata Purana)[1]
    Children Garṣaṇi (according to Bhagavata Purana)[1]
    Indo-European equivalent Heryomen

    Aryaman (Sanskrit: अर्यमन्‌IAST: Aryaman) is one of the early Vedic Hindu deities.[2] His name signifies "Life-Partner", "Close Friend", "Partner", "Play-Fellow" or "Companion".[3] He is the third son of Kashyapa and Aditi, the father and mother of the adityas, and is depicted as the mid-morning sun disc. He is the deity of the customs that rule the various Vedic tribes and people.[4]

    In the Rigveda, Aryaman is described as the protector of mares and stallions, and the Milky Way (aryamṇáḥ pánthāḥ) is said to be his path.[3] Aryaman is commonly invoked together with Mitra-Varuna, Bhaga, Bṛhaspati, and other adityas and asuras.[3]

    According to Griffith, the Rigveda also suggests that Aryaman is a supreme deity alongside Mitra and Varuna.[5] According to the Rigveda, Indra, who is traditionally considered the most important deity in the Rigveda, is asked to obtain boons and gifts from Aryaman.[6] Hindu marriage oaths are administered with an invocation to Aryaman being the witness to the event.[7][8][4] Aryaman also is the deity of the customs of hospitality.[4]

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