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  • Amsha
    ParentsKashyap and Aditi

    Amsha or Ansha is a deity in Hinduism and one of the Ādityas, - a group of celestial deities that populate the sky with their parents Kashyapa and Aditi. He is a solar deity.

    The Adityás

    The oldest legends specify seven or eight of these gods, but the number was later increased to twelve. Historians have suggested that perhaps the number 12 was chosen so that each solar deity related with a particular month, creating a link between each Aditya and the cycle of the year and the seasons.[1] [2]

    Using the popular name Anśa/Aṃśa

    In India, today, many boys get a name derived from Anśa (or, Aṃśa) - for example, Anshuman (alt Amshuman) - as a sign of respect for this god. [3]


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