Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India


Tree: Maratha Empire

City/Town : Latitude: 16.6913076, Longitude: 74.24486619999993


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bhosale, Rajaram II  Jun 1726Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I62 Maratha Empire 
2 Bhosale, Rajaram  25 Jul 1838Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I300 Maratha Empire 
3 Bhosale, Rajaram I  13 Apr 1850Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I303 Maratha Empire 
4 Bhosale, Rajaram II  31 Jul 1897Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I340 Maratha Empire 
5 Bhosale, S/O I Shivaji III  13 Nov 1855Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I321 Maratha Empire 
6 Bhosale, S/O II Shivaji III  18 Jun 1858Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I322 Maratha Empire 
7 Bhosale, Sambhaji III  8 Mar 1801Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I258 Maratha Empire 
8 Bhosale, Shahaji  24 Aug 1848Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I320 Maratha Empire 
9 Bhosale, Shahaji II  4 Apr 1910Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I363 Maratha Empire 
10 Bhosale, Shahu  8 Jan 1831Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I298 Maratha Empire 
11 Bhosale, Shahu  26 Jul 1874Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I315 Maratha Empire 
12 Bhosale, Shivaji II  1816Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I281 Maratha Empire 
13 Bhosale, Shivaji III  26 Dec 1830Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I297 Maratha Empire 
14 Bhosale, Shivaji  15 Apr 1899Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I343 Maratha Empire 
15 Ghatge, D/O N Ghatge  1858Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I308 Maratha Empire 
16 Ghatge, Jaisinhrao  5 Mar 1857Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I307 Maratha Empire 
17 Kadambande, Padma  5 Oct 1940Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I359 Maratha Empire 
18 Pawar (Paur), Radhabai  10 Mar 1894Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I346 Maratha Empire 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bhosale, Anandibai  14 Sep 1903Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I337 Maratha Empire 
2 Bhosale, Narmadabai  Feb 1831Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I291 Maratha Empire 
3 Bhosale, Pramila  31 Jan 2008Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I364 Maratha Empire 
4 Bhosale, S/O I Shivaji III  26 May 1857Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I321 Maratha Empire 
5 Bhosale, S/O II Shivaji III  1863Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I322 Maratha Empire 
6 Bhosale, Sakwarbai  2 Apr 1858Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I299 Maratha Empire 
7 Bhosale, Sakwarbai  25 May 1912Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I326 Maratha Empire 
8 Bhosale, Sambhaji III  16 Jul 1821Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I258 Maratha Empire 
9 Bhosale, Shahaji  Mar 1849Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I320 Maratha Empire 
10 Bhosale, Shahu  6 May 1922Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I315 Maratha Empire 
11 Bhosale, Shivaji III  4 Aug 1866Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I297 Maratha Empire 
12 Bhosale, Sundarabai  21 Dec 1866Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I316 Maratha Empire 
13 Bhosale, Tarabai  15 Jul 1874Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I323 Maratha Empire 
14 Bhosale, Vijayamalabai  14 Jul 1993Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I355 Maratha Empire 
15 Ghatge, Jaisinhrao  20 Mar 1885Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I307 Maratha Empire 
16 Ghatge, Narayanrao  Jul 1881Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I306 Maratha Empire 
17 Laxmibai, Bhosale  12 Mar 1945Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India I339 Maratha Empire 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bhosale / Bhosale  Bef 15 Mar 1807Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F180 Maratha Empire 
2 Bhosale / Bhosale  1847Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F208 Maratha Empire 
3 Bhosale / Bhosale  1 May 1847Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F201 Maratha Empire 
4 Bhosale / Bhosale  21 May 1878Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F223 Maratha Empire 
5 Bhosale / Laxmibai  1 Apr 1891Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F142 Maratha Empire 
6 Ghatge / Ghatge  Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F173 Maratha Empire 
7 Ghatge / Ghatge  1803Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F169 Maratha Empire 
8 Nimbalkar / Nimbalkar  21 Jun 1808Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F174 Maratha Empire 
9 Patankar / Patankar  Aft 21 Jun 1808Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F175 Maratha Empire 
10 Patankar / Patankar  1845Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F195 Maratha Empire 
11 Shinde / Shinde  Aft 21 Jun 1808Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India F176 Maratha Empire 

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